Ecology and certifications

The environmental aspect is an important part of Wilmar’s sustainable development. We are committed to and care about appropriate and conscious management of resources and adapting production processes to the idea of respecting Nature and its resources.

At a time of intense exploitation of our planet’s resources, it is extremely important to reduce waste and counteract potential environmental damage. Therefore, Wilmar, when pressing rapeseed oil, effectively uses the residues generated in the process. From the residues, we produce extruded rapeseed cake, which is free of chemical additives. We do not use hexane in any of our production processes. The extracted rapeseed cake we produce undergoes only physical processes: high pressure and temperature. This high-protein feed component has many advantages, including many environmental aspects. It reduces the cost of feeding animals, lowers methane emissions into the atmosphere, and increases productivity and efficiency of animal husbandry. We write more extensively about it here.

Optimization of the consumption of production materials, waste generation, energy efficiency and general respect for the environment, together with offering innovative products of the highest quality, are the key factors that determine the solutions we apply and set the direction of our research and development work.

We have been meeting sustainability criteria for years, as evidenced by our KZR INIG certification – which includes biomass, waste and production residues. The KZR INIG system awarded by the “Oil and Gas Institute – National Research Institute” is on the list of certification systems recognized by the European Commission.

The final products, raw materials, as well as the processes used by Wilmar meet the highest EU food and feed safety standards.

We will guarantee the safety of the quality of the feed additives we produce through the use and certification of GMP+B2 standards, along with GMP+MI 105 “GMO controlled” standard confirming the absence of genetically modified ingredients.

A guarantee of the quality of food products on offer at Wilmar is provided by the FSSC 22000 quality control system implemented and confirmed by the certificate obtained.