About us

About Wilmar

Wilmar Company was established in 1990. It is a company with a long tradition. At the core of our business are family values and the hard work of several generations finding a passion for creation in business. When conducting business, we are guided by growth prospects, so we focus on improving our products and expanding into new, previously unknown, markets. Wilmar’s strength is built every day by a team of more than 50 employees focused on building value together.

InĀ 2008, we began producing rapeseed oil. Since then, we have been successively developing the rapeseed processing plant, increasing production scale, lengthening value chains and using innovative business solutions to achieve the best results.


From the beginning, rapeseed processing meant for us not only the production of high-quality oil, but also the turning of all production streams into items of high quality and functionality. The extruded rapeseed cake that we offer is an example of this. We are the only company in Poland to produce this continuously since 2008, and we provide our customers with a valuable high-protein raw material that improves the food properties of animal feeds and which is a viable alternative to imported post-extraction soybean pellets.



Over the years, we have developed rapeseed processing technology into a unique method of oil pressing and refining. Since 2016, our priority has been not only to supply traditional markets, but also to actively seek new opportunities for expansion through the use of ground-breaking technological solutions that offer new innovative products.

In Wilmar, a team of specialists works on innovative projects carried out as part of R&D – creating proprietary technological solutions and improving existing production methods.




In pursuit of the company’s business goals, we are open to working with partners who offer perspective solutions that correlate with our business development strategy. The result of this approach is our 2016 investment in NapiFeryn BioTech Sp. z o.o., which is successfully developing a globally unique technology for extracting protein isolates from rapeseed.


Our vision for the company’s future is to commercialize the potential inherent in rapeseed by seeking and applying business solutions that open new markets for rapeseed-derived products, both in traditional supply chains such as food and animal feed, but also in applications where rapeseed products are not found today.

In this way, we want to combine the extraordinary, versatile capabilities of this plant with action for the sustainable development of the common environment.