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Wilmar is a Polish food company located in Lower Silesia. Our specialty is rapeseed processing - we recognize the still untapped potential of this plant and create our own technological solutions to bring out the best from it . We provide our partners with products that we develop with the help of our own research department and technologies that we create from scratch. Our knowledge and experience allows us to harness this potential for a better tomorrow.


We have been operating in the Polish market for years, consolidating our position as a strong producer of rapeseed processing products. Thanks to investments in the development of processing potential and our own R&D facilities, we are expanding the scope of our activities and cooperating with an increasingly wide range of entities from many industries. We focus on new ideas, which is why we also interact with start-ups, to which we provide attractive cooperation opportunities. We are not limited to standard business models, and discovering new uses for rapeseed is our passion and drives us towards further development.


Brassica napus, or Rapeseed, is a common but unique plant. Thanks to its unique composition, we continue to discover more uses for it. Numerous products with unique properties are made from rapeseed. By conducting our own research, we create and develop new technologies and new products. This unlocks the still undiscovered potential of this oil and protein crop. We strive to ensure that products derived from rapeseed are used in various industries as innovative and environmentally friendly products.


We have a plant where we use innovative technologies to create products with the best possible performance and properties. In an effort to support a sustainable supply chain in the agriculture and biocomponent industry, we have implemented the standards of the KZR-INiG Sustainable Biofuels and Bioliquids Production System. Our feed products are GMP + MI105 GMO Controlled certified - indicating their complete safety in animal nutrition.